Lucky Stars Tournament

April 27 - 29, 2012

  •  USA Hockey rules apply
  • Three games guaranteed
  • Top two teams in each division qualify for a fourth game
    to determine the Champion
  • Three 12 minute stop time periods / 65 minute curfew clock applies
  • Sudden-Death overtime in Championship game only
  • 2 point/win; 1 point/tie; 0 point/loss
  • Tie Breakers  1.Most wins
                             2. Head-to-Head result
                             3. Best goals-for/goals-against differential
                             4. Fewest penalties
                             5. Coin flip


Fee:           $700 / Team
Payable to: Cincinnati Rising Stars
Address:     Cincinnati Rising Stars
                  ATTN: Cassie Zureick
                            509 Ivy Ridge
                            Cold Springs, KY  41076

If you are planning to attend and would like to have a spot held for your team or if you would like more information, please contact Gretchen at

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