2010 Lucky Stars Tournament Rules

1. All teams should be prepared to start their games up to 30 minutes before the scheduled start time.

2. No checking.

3. Automatic icing (red-line).

4. Tag up off-sides.

5. 4 penalties of any kind is a game ejection.  A repetition in game ejections for any player or team can result in game or tournament suspension.

6. Any gross, match, misconduct, or fighting penalty will be cause for ejection from the remainder of the tournament.

7. Games will consist of three 12-minute stop time periods. A 65-minute curfew clock applies to all games except quarter finals, semi finals or championship games.  The scorekeeper has the right to determine whether the game is approaching curfew.  At such time, the scorekeeper will notify the referees and both benches that the remainder of the game will be played under running time clock.

8. Each team will be allowed one 30-second time out per game. Both teams cannot use their time-out during the same stoppage in play.

9. Teams will be awarded 2 points/win, 1 point/tie, 0 points/loss.  To determine a division winner between two tied teams:

     a. Most wins

     b. Record against the team you are tied with

     c. Best goals-for/goals-against differential

     d. Fewest penalties

     e. Coin Flip

10. A 5-minute, 5 on 5, sudden-death overtime will apply in quarter finals, semi finals or championship games only.  All penalties incurred during the third period of regulation time will be in effect.  If the game is still tied after the 5-minute overtime period, a 3-player simultaneous shootout will follow. If the score is still tied after the 3-player shootout, a sudden death shootout will decide the winner.  Both teams will have equal number of shooters.  Note that if a player incurs a penalty that has not expired during the overtime, they will be INELIGIBLE to participate in the shootout.

11. Tournament officials reserve the right to move a team(s) to a different division based on skill level. A strong team in a lower division may exchange schedules with a weak team in a higher division, in order to create better divisional parity.  Any team that wins a game against another team that has been moved up or down a division for parity, will record a 1-0 win for the purposes of record keeping (the losing team will carry a 0-1 loss). This will eliminate any + / - advantage of playing a team of a lower caliber when it comes down to tie-breaking scenarios.

   12.  Divisional Operations:
    • Purple Horseshoes Division:  This division consists of 5 teams.  Each team will play two games and then be seeded  based on the results of these games and according to Rule #9 above. Following seeding, teams will play through a 5 team bracket to determine the champion.
    • Pink Hearts Division: This division consists of 6 teams, 3 in Pool A and 3 in Pool B.  Teams in Pool A will play all the    teams in Pool B and vice versa.  Following Pool play, teams will be seeded based on the results of these games and    according to Rule #9 above.  Seed #2 in Pool B will advance to Semi Final game 1 against Seed #1 in Pool A.  Seed #2    in Pool A will advance to Semi Final game 2 against Seed #1 in Pool B.  The winner of the semi final games will play in the championship.
    • Green Clovers Divisions:  This division consists of 4 teams.  All teams will play each other and then be seeded based on the results of these games and according to Rule #9 above.  The top two seeded teams will advance to the championship.

13. Tournament officials will rectify any disputes and render any other decisions.  These decisions are final.


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